In the future nuclear war has savaged the Earth. The civilizations that have survived the fallout are brutal, totalitarian societies that have isolated themselves. Between them, endless miles of lawless waste, irradiated and deadly.

Built on the Shadowrun timeline, apocalypse falls shortly after 2065. Trolls, cyberzombies, spirits, monowhips, the matrix, lawmen, MP Laser IIIs, ARES….

....Better bring some Radpills….


Chronicles of the Waste

Good Karma: 19

(Not so) Icy Mishaps

Don’t look a dead bird in the mouth


Back in Black.

5 Change of Climate

6 Who is a wasps favorite singer

7 Travels

8 Australians are dicks

9 Hunt for Dr Lloyd

10 Sorry guys Im just a pupil here

11 Ngurna yanku

12 Rebuilding the Future

13 The Raceway

14 Pink Glitterboys

15 Road To Santa Anita


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