Hunt for Dr. Lloyd
"Die! You son of a bitch!"

‘*Wow, almost a year ago…

Back in Black.
"Where the hell did I go?" -Icebob

After 4 Weeks, we’re back in action!

The group continued traveling east, until we reached the coast of Florida. Here, we discovered The Cape has been left an island, and is 40km off the coast. After a short fight with one of Florida’s native beasts (the alligator-like Behemoth), we moved north, until we met a villager in a canoe. After gaining his trust, he shows you his village, where you hope to trade for a boat.

Once there, we see the villagers are very simple folk: peaceful villagers who fish for survival. Its only fitting that Dr. O. sideswipes a child and parks right in the middle of town! They don’t have a lot to offer, and after trading for herbs and the chief’s boat, we return to our vehicles. There we discover Carlos, the village protector, has stolen a wheel from Dr. O’s van!

Now, Carlos is a semi-retired wastelander. He’s seen a lot of death and dealt as much. His hut is adorned with the skulls of defeated foes. When Travis “Sharkbite” Reece knocks on the door, Carlos doesn’t answer. He’s obviously waiting in ambush. When Calamity bursts through the back door, she’s the target of Carlos’s rage. He lifts his “magical” Crescent Laser Axe and charges. Calamity and Reese beat the crap out of him, and send him crashing into his prize possession, a 2062 corvette. Carlos screams bloody murder and “orders” you to take the wheel back… We steal the wheel back and promptly discover he’s stolen Calamity’s distributor wires.

This time, Carlos attempts escape in his ‘vette, and crashes through his hut onto the mud street. To his dismay, the group shreds his wheels with gunfire, and a handling of 12 is too hard for him to control. His cherry red corvette smashes into the fish vendor’s stand, sending food and splinters everywhere. Carlos is too ashamed to even speak, and even refuses to open his eyes when you take back your property. To teach him the lesson that asking is better than taking, we leave him a set of new distributor wires fashioned by Dr O out of some scrap.

Lastly, we scout out The Cape. We drift down the coast on the chief’s house-boat, rowing because the engine hasn’t worked for at least thirty years. We lay off rowing a few miles away and let the current pull us close while we dip some fishing lines in the water for an alibi. Through binoculars we see three things.

  • 1) Coalition Soldiers holding a massive space shuttle launch pad.
  • 2) Wasp spirits surrounding the huge launch scaffolding.
  • 3) a coalition sky cycle makes rounds every twelve hours or so to the troops.

confused and feeling out numbered we decide to follow the sky cycle when he next travels outward…


We started our trip to Florida. Even though we got lost and needed some directions, we found our way to the location Gown was talking about.

The Hammer Boys had secured the top level of a CAS military base, but couldn’t defeat the security to get down further. Dr. O used some quick and dirty decking to disable security, but the hard lines were cut before he could explore further.

The second floor is a lightly irradiated, sealed tomb. The bodies that are here are mummified, and the lights are on minimum power. In searching a few rooms, we find out they’re physics labs. Dr. O halucinates in one of them, instead of seeing a corpse in a decicated office, he is shown a sceen of people “Doin the deed.”

Apon looting the rooms, we come to a telemitry lab, that tracks intercontinental missle launches, there are three operator bodies here. This time, Calamity halucinates, and sees a live, slow motion view of the first launches. Other than missle path data, this room yields little.

Lastly on this level, we have heavily sheilded, nuclear material rooms. When entered, Dr. O (I Beleive) has a last vision. He sees a The General break into the lab and shoot the scientists in it. ANYWAY, Down to the third and final level.

Its a simple one, nothing but a crane, a broken elevator, a launch post and a live thermonuclear missle…..

The General can be seen through an observation window still trying to launch the missle after all this time. Its still active, so there is a threat. When Saunders moves up the catwalk to the hard matrix lines, The general materializes near him for combat. Saunders manages to connect the lines, allowing Dr. O to jump online and stand down the missle. Despite this, The General still physically persists. Dr. O realizes he heard that specters are tied to the materal plane by a literal chain. Saunders and Calamity spot the crane chain and blast at it, but only after stressing it with an inmovable object does it snap.

Calamity later finds the generals real body, the scientist who killed him and then took his own life. His custom revolver, Evolution Revolver is still in workable condition. Above, The Hammer Boys greet you, but you remail quite as to the details within. At least you have a supercomputer and workable missle at your disposal if you should ever need it…

Oh well, off to the Cape!

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Don't look a dead bird in the mouth

This was a small adventure with only 3 pcs: Calamity, Doc, and Sanders. The dwarf Gown, needs to get to a village roughly 1 day north. Here, he’ll meet some companions and be on his way. He gives you The Deer Hunter and salvages datachips from The Hammer Boys base, finally collapsing it into a tomb.

The ride up is uneventful until 30 miles from the village. Off in the distance Sanders hears a huge whirring sound, and Doc is picking up paramilitary communications. The Sky Pirates have come to raid the village Gown’s companions are at. After they notice your communications, they send a Yellowjacket to “inspect” your group.

Heroically, Gown leaps from the Ruincrawler, pistol in hand. You guys, turn and flee the pursuing skypirate yellowjacket. After neutralizing Gown, the pilet looses interest in the chase and returns to pillaging.

Later, the group holds a lovely campfire outside of Sunken Orleans. The blasting music and drinks are a lovely change of pace. The morning, however, takes a darker turn. Sanders wakes up with a live, skinned bird on his chest! The Doc examines and determines only a very skilled and sick individual could perform this act. Calamity, respectfully kills the bird.

Once in Sunken Orleans, you seek some insight from a voodoon… Miss Reese is Vincent’s mother. Shes a recluse and a practicing summoner of Agwe. Vincent happily shows you his mothers cabin, and she passes around weed laced cigarettes and drinks. Agwe explains Sanders is being hunted, he has a dark stain on his aura, and says Sanders is “very old.”

These cryptic messages can’t be further explained, and Miss Reese kisses “Travvy” goodbye and tells you to take care of her boy.

Finally, after asking around for work, you meet Rufus McDonnell, and he asks you to scout for “The Star City.” An ancient history roll reveals he’s looking for nothing less than the CAS, Cape Canaveral…..

Icy Mishaps

The group starts in Sunken Orleans. one local, cyle sharptalon, wants to scout parts of alaska for forgotten oil fields. its out of the way, but the work is good, and he’ll provide transportation.

...And we avoided the adventure hook!

It was only half serious anyway. Ghoul slavers rolled into town and zapped John Doe, creating an embarrasing first encounter. After gutting and selling the ghoul slavers refrigerated truck (For a hefty profit)we went to check on The Hammer Boys local base. Upon inspection, the base was occupied by Gown, the only surviving dwarf. He explains an experiment, The Deer Hunter has gone horribly ary and has been stalking his kin for two days.

It wasn’t to hard to find the drone,and Calamity and Sanders promptly manually dismanteled it. Perhaps Gown has something he needs done, now that hes alone.

*Side note: you promised the “magistrate” of Sunken Orleans to rebuild the whore house. He’svery interested ingetting that fine establishment up!

Wasteland Log: Calamity Jane*

Day…..hell, I stopped giving real numbers a month ago. I figured for no damn reason(with a little “physical urging” from some Ghoul slavers along the coast) that I’d travel south. Unfortunately, in my haste to leave such a fantastic party, I got herded straight into the swamps ahead of Sunken Orleans. After a bit of well-mannered talking, the slavers and I decided to go our separate ways. They taught me that ghouls fall down after the same number of holes punched in their chest as humans, just about.

Everything was going fine until I hit up above tire depth and the damn crate I drive stalled out. I hoofed around the area(and boy, is the local fauna friendly) and found a tiny settlement that’s got a tow truck. Problem is, they’re a chapter of the Hammer Boys, and those short bastards don’t do nothin’ for free. They wanted me to help flush out a gang of slavers that’d been attacking the town.

I tell you what, life sure has a funny way of workin’ out.


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