Don't look a dead bird in the mouth

This was a small adventure with only 3 pcs: Calamity, Doc, and Sanders. The dwarf Gown, needs to get to a village roughly 1 day north. Here, he’ll meet some companions and be on his way. He gives you The Deer Hunter and salvages datachips from The Hammer Boys base, finally collapsing it into a tomb.

The ride up is uneventful until 30 miles from the village. Off in the distance Sanders hears a huge whirring sound, and Doc is picking up paramilitary communications. The Sky Pirates have come to raid the village Gown’s companions are at. After they notice your communications, they send a Yellowjacket to “inspect” your group.

Heroically, Gown leaps from the Ruincrawler, pistol in hand. You guys, turn and flee the pursuing skypirate yellowjacket. After neutralizing Gown, the pilet looses interest in the chase and returns to pillaging.

Later, the group holds a lovely campfire outside of Sunken Orleans. The blasting music and drinks are a lovely change of pace. The morning, however, takes a darker turn. Sanders wakes up with a live, skinned bird on his chest! The Doc examines and determines only a very skilled and sick individual could perform this act. Calamity, respectfully kills the bird.

Once in Sunken Orleans, you seek some insight from a voodoon… Miss Reese is Vincent’s mother. Shes a recluse and a practicing summoner of Agwe. Vincent happily shows you his mothers cabin, and she passes around weed laced cigarettes and drinks. Agwe explains Sanders is being hunted, he has a dark stain on his aura, and says Sanders is “very old.”

These cryptic messages can’t be further explained, and Miss Reese kisses “Travvy” goodbye and tells you to take care of her boy.

Finally, after asking around for work, you meet Rufus McDonnell, and he asks you to scout for “The Star City.” An ancient history roll reveals he’s looking for nothing less than the CAS, Cape Canaveral…..



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