We started our trip to Florida. Even though we got lost and needed some directions, we found our way to the location Gown was talking about.

The Hammer Boys had secured the top level of a CAS military base, but couldn’t defeat the security to get down further. Dr. O used some quick and dirty decking to disable security, but the hard lines were cut before he could explore further.

The second floor is a lightly irradiated, sealed tomb. The bodies that are here are mummified, and the lights are on minimum power. In searching a few rooms, we find out they’re physics labs. Dr. O halucinates in one of them, instead of seeing a corpse in a decicated office, he is shown a sceen of people “Doin the deed.”

Apon looting the rooms, we come to a telemitry lab, that tracks intercontinental missle launches, there are three operator bodies here. This time, Calamity halucinates, and sees a live, slow motion view of the first launches. Other than missle path data, this room yields little.

Lastly on this level, we have heavily sheilded, nuclear material rooms. When entered, Dr. O (I Beleive) has a last vision. He sees a The General break into the lab and shoot the scientists in it. ANYWAY, Down to the third and final level.

Its a simple one, nothing but a crane, a broken elevator, a launch post and a live thermonuclear missle…..

The General can be seen through an observation window still trying to launch the missle after all this time. Its still active, so there is a threat. When Saunders moves up the catwalk to the hard matrix lines, The general materializes near him for combat. Saunders manages to connect the lines, allowing Dr. O to jump online and stand down the missle. Despite this, The General still physically persists. Dr. O realizes he heard that specters are tied to the materal plane by a literal chain. Saunders and Calamity spot the crane chain and blast at it, but only after stressing it with an inmovable object does it snap.

Calamity later finds the generals real body, the scientist who killed him and then took his own life. His custom revolver, Evolution Revolver is still in workable condition. Above, The Hammer Boys greet you, but you remail quite as to the details within. At least you have a supercomputer and workable missle at your disposal if you should ever need it…

Oh well, off to the Cape!

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