Icy Mishaps

The group starts in Sunken Orleans. one local, cyle sharptalon, wants to scout parts of alaska for forgotten oil fields. its out of the way, but the work is good, and he’ll provide transportation.

...And we avoided the adventure hook!

It was only half serious anyway. Ghoul slavers rolled into town and zapped John Doe, creating an embarrasing first encounter. After gutting and selling the ghoul slavers refrigerated truck (For a hefty profit)we went to check on The Hammer Boys local base. Upon inspection, the base was occupied by Gown, the only surviving dwarf. He explains an experiment, The Deer Hunter has gone horribly ary and has been stalking his kin for two days.

It wasn’t to hard to find the drone,and Calamity and Sanders promptly manually dismanteled it. Perhaps Gown has something he needs done, now that hes alone.

*Side note: you promised the “magistrate” of Sunken Orleans to rebuild the whore house. He’svery interested ingetting that fine establishment up!

Wasteland Log: Calamity Jane*

Day…..hell, I stopped giving real numbers a month ago. I figured for no damn reason(with a little “physical urging” from some Ghoul slavers along the coast) that I’d travel south. Unfortunately, in my haste to leave such a fantastic party, I got herded straight into the swamps ahead of Sunken Orleans. After a bit of well-mannered talking, the slavers and I decided to go our separate ways. They taught me that ghouls fall down after the same number of holes punched in their chest as humans, just about.

Everything was going fine until I hit up above tire depth and the damn crate I drive stalled out. I hoofed around the area(and boy, is the local fauna friendly) and found a tiny settlement that’s got a tow truck. Problem is, they’re a chapter of the Hammer Boys, and those short bastards don’t do nothin’ for free. They wanted me to help flush out a gang of slavers that’d been attacking the town.

I tell you what, life sure has a funny way of workin’ out.



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