Dr. Outo Juleuss

Former PC


Dr. O is a former CS advanced robot scientist. He was kicked out of his elite scientist cast because he’s simply a douchebag. After wandering the wasteland, he worked as a cook in new orleans for sometime, before fate brought a group of adventures his way. After a series of events, he becomes a beloved and crutial member of the team. His technical skills, along with his ability to tell anyone off, lead them through many trials.

Little does he know, certain forces have him pegged as a crutial player in their plans. He buys and actiates a Scud head, which turns out to be the crazy Apocalypse Preacher. After meeting Mara 12, and subsequently Dr. Llyod, the watcher reveals a little of Dr. O’s fate to him. Activating a rift, he travels with his rebuilt Scud companion 175 years into the past. Post-apocalypse Australia is where his fate resides.

Dr. Outo Juleuss

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