Free Elvin

Larry's Guerilla Radio


Larry, who goes by DJ name, Free Elvin, is an underground AM radio jocky for his unnamed radio station. AM 1020 promotes free thinking and open rebellion against the Ares Coalition. Often, his broadcasts are just recordings in a remote trasmitter. These mobile stations are often found by ARES and eliminated. Rumors run wild as to who he is and where his studio really transmits from. As a contact, he can be a precious source of the rarest commodity…information.

Apart from hours and hours of talk, his radio plays any type of music. Everything from Meltrock to Trollrap has a platform here. Also, hes been known to play a few books over the waves, to help educate the masses.

The mobile transmitters can be carried on a bike or large backpack. They have a 25km range and smaller more concealable versions have a short, 2km range.


“Yo, yo, yo! That was some rippin’ Beethoven!”

Free Elvin

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