Jeremy Perkins

Tast-E-Meat Contact


A fixer who works exclusivly for TEM. Frequently has runs and is a good supply of food and water. Knows TEM is run by ghouls and doesn’t care.


Sample runs:

recover and drive a refigerated TEM truck to the coast

capture an anubis markets water truck and poison it and deliver like normal

raid an anubus marlets warehouse, protect TEM employees who help

protect a warehouse from an anubus markets counterstrike, kill any photographers with them!

hand deliver a package of human flesh to a well-to-do ghoul in chi-town

capture a group of escaped slaves and redeliver to the coast.

break into a warehouse and only steal the contents of a certain box

Jeremy perkins regular running group is captured, rescue them.

as a group does more runs with TEM and come closer to certain truths, they are pressured more and more to work exclusivly for TEM. if anyone threatens exposure, they are quickly silenced by mercinarys.

Jeremy Perkins

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