Rufus McDonnell

I will shape the future!


McDonnell is a wealthy and powerful feudal land owner in Louisiana. He runs a vast import/export buisness that moves goods althroughout all of America. His buisness requires a free, open mississippi river. His main concern, however, is space. He wants to travel to a distant city, Cape Canavral, but doesnt know where to start looking. If he could find the “City of the Stars” he could gather enough resources to jump start a space program!!!


sample runs:

raid a labratory for chemical capture a key tech from that lab capture a computer from that lab screw it! capture the lab, penalties for scientists killed. scout for cape canavral attack and secure a florida launch pad (scout first) capture a semi-balistic! fly it to the pad steal intelligence info from an ARES coaliton officer guard the lab from attack guard the launchpad during launch

Rufus McDonnell

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