Calamity Jane Hopewell

Former Citizen of Vault City, outcast to maintain their precious genetic purity.


Jane is over seven feet tall, owing both to her ork heritage and the gene manipulation she recieved before she was born. She is built solid, her muscle natural, the sort one gets from real work instead of bodybuilding. Thus, her womanly figure is preserved. Her face betrays no part of her race, aside from a stronger jaw than one would think. Her eyes are a dull green, and her hair a fiery red color, extending down almost to the middle of her back.

She still wears the Vault Suit, a semiarmored red catsuit of a rubbery material. Black Accents along the breast display her name, the Vault City logo, and the words “Exiled” stamped over said logo. On the left forearm is the Vault Calculator which all citizens wear. It’s beat up, and her Citizenship Number has been scratched off, but it still works. She wears a brown leather cowboy hat and a leather duster of the same natural leather. Slung over her back would be Heartache, an extremely long-barreled rifle.

Heartache was made lovingly, and shows little of the rough-and-tumble or jury rigging that most weapons in the Wasteland have. A pair of hearts adorn the butt, and a phrase is etched into the long barrel in a flowing script, one line on each side of the barrel.

“Right or Wrong”
“We Carry On”


Jane Hopewell’s story doesn’t start with her. It starts eight months before her birth, with William and Mary Hopewell. They were a happy couple living in Vault City in the Northeast wasteland. They were both in perfect health, and very well off in the secure community. William was an engineer, planning expansion and defense for the entire city. Mary was one of five scientists working on a nuclear science research project. When their names came up in the “child birth” lottery, they had high hopes.

Insemination was handled in the lab of Doctor Eustace Gabriel, one of Vault City’s Gene-doctors. Sparing no expense, their child was subject to every “in utero” genetic enhancement treatment known to Vault City. Mary was in Doctor Gabriel’s office weekly, sometimes more. Three months passed before the good doctor’s meticulous sonograms, bloodwork and genetic material tests confirmed what he had suspected. Mary’s baby had an unknown defect on the DNA level. It was a complete impossibility. For weeks he labored over the findings. He increased Mary’s visits, eventually forcing her to live in a controlled environment room. All without telling anyone, for if he did, his job and citizenship would certainly be forfeit. The fiasco would be blamed entirely on him. Mary’s baby had DNA that matched that of the mutants that roamed the wasteland. Mary’s baby was an Ork.

Nobody but Doctor Gabriel ever knew. He introduced phenotypic alteration above the treatments the Hopewell’s purchased. It went unnoticed, and ensured the child would be undistinguishable from a human. The birth was difficult, but Mary and William were treated to a healthy, if not abnormally large, baby girl.

By sixteen, Jane Hopewell was already taller than her parents. She could lift her father. Despite her uncommon size, she was bright. She excelled at every education program Vault city had to offer. She was regarded as a favorite among the community: She was on the inter-city football team, an expert marksman, and was an integral part of the wasteland hunting and rescue teams. She took to the outdoors like a fish to water, having an almost uncanny sense of direction, supplemented by an orientation system and chipjack driver, a gift from her loving parents. By twenty, she had earned a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. She was also seven feet tall, and almost four hundred pounds of solid, natural muscle.

She was hired as a contractor almost immediately, overseeing building projects directly. She took to the people working for her, and soon she was splitting her weekends between hunting, and trips to Cratertown, a raucous “wastelander” city full of bars and casinos. One day, a fight erupted in her favorite bar, “Red Scare”, when a gang of scavengers decided they didn’t like Jane or her construction colleagues. Jane not only won the fight, but saved the bartender and a few of her friends. Back in Vault City, word got around. Chief of Security Mark Benson was impressed, and offered Jane a job in charge of a company of men. All it required was a standard blood test and DNA evaluation because of her time spent on the Wasteland Rescue Team. Doctor Gabriel had no way to cover for his work this time. The test came back showing genetic mutation; deviation from the norm. Jane’s citizen papers were revoked; replaced with the same “visitor’s pass” given to wastelanders. Her parents barely had time to understand the situation.

Late that night she was packing her roadster, when she saw her father for the last time. He presented her with a leather duster, and a custom, long-barreled rifle. They were saving them for her birthday, which wasn’t going to come soon enough.

That day she tore off into the wasteland.

Calamity Jane Hopewell

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