5 Change of Climate

Where do we begin? We start on the florida coast, tracking a coalition sky cycle. Predicatably, the piolt leaves the cape at midnight, and heads north. He dips down to the waterline and dissapears.

Cut to the desert: A grizzled mage is sleeping under the tense Pecos night sky. The screech of seismic alarms alert him to a pair of ghouls racing to feed on him. Morgan Pierce remains calm and fires magic downrange. Unfazed, the ghouls continue their charge and lunge to attack. One drops from the melee, but regenerates quickly and continues to attack. Disapointed by their refusal to stay dead, Morgan launches a horrific manabolt attack, leaving them unable to recover.

Back in florida, the group hears the tell tale sounds of fighting, but are unable to locate a source. After scouting the sea, a desert island sits in the middle of florida swamp…courious, no? It takes a few minutes, but we relize the island is home to a rift, that crosses a vast distance to the pecos desert. Leaving the vechiles behind, we cross through and reach Morgan, whos seen the skycycle, and knows of a small unnamed town northward to start looking.

The town is a suburban nightmare, its lust green yards and manacured homes reclaimed by the harsh desert. many homes dont even have roofs, and simply provide some cover from the blowing dust. its inhabitents are simple, southern folk who suffer from exposure and some mutations. We learn from a local mechanic, who can provide transportation further north to a Pecos Empire stronghold, that the town is being harrased by the Dundy boys, local thugs. He’ll provide deeply discounted rates if you can recover two motorcycles for him.

Boom: now we’re over looking the Dundy boys outpost. the renamed Dandy boys, have a large group outside, some magical assistance, and an unknown amount inside. Calamity’s shot kills the watchman, and morgans fire/hell/death/nukeular mortar spell almost takes out the entire group outside!

Saved by their helmets, the two founding members of the Dandy boys (Dan and Daniel Dundy,) die anyways when Sanders shoots them dead. We’ll interrogate them later I assume.

A lightning bolt erupts from the schoolhouse, as a force 6 storm spirt attacks morgan. Also, the summoner, a shaman in Deadboy armor steps out of the scoolhouse, feeling ivincible today. his powerbolt rocks morgan, and a shot from calamity just bounces off his helmet. Surprisingly, its a spear from reese that pierces his armor first, then a shot from sanders finishes him off. Dr. O has just finished charging his limit break.

The man in the cage is Major Fields, a coaltion soldger caputerd by the dandy boys. he appreciates the rescue.

5 Change of Climate

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