Australians are dicks

Continued from last session.

“Tenesta” has just been caught by Reese, when a Man O’ Woods in elf form comes screaming through the forest. He accidents Reese and grabbes Tenesta, after a brief struggle, he says in a hollow voice “Let him go, he killed my tribe.” Reese figures tenestas fate is worse with the spirt and lets him go. Sanders finally wakes, and we finish out trek to Sunken Orleans.

Rufus McDonnell is trilled to find you found “The city of the stars” and wans details, which and grim. He pays you 10k, and an additional 5k if you agree to check in with him so he can give you more work. First, however, he must scout the island and decide what to do next. Also, he gives you offical passes that show that you work for him as traders. Well paid, the group goes down into his warehouse to burn some creds. Dr. O isn’t interested in items, but needs a vechile and robotics facility. He hears of just one of each. In New Durango a vechile facility should be available. Also, along the way, it may be possible to talk to CS forces in The Lone Star Complex and bargin for some shop time. We set off!

Random encounter! A couple of Australians are pinned down by a cluch of Firedrakes. The Firedrakes themselves are brought down easily, but they deeply burn Calamity and she’s almost killed! Once saved, the Australians turn out to be dicks. They regard America as wild, untamed wilderness and you folks are just tribals. They say Austrailia was untouched by the war, and remains a safe, prosperous, and technologically advanced area. Judging by the good state of their weapons and armor, they’re probbly telling the truth. They set off for more encounters in the desert….

Once we arrive near Lone Star, We learn the patrols here aren’t hardcore physco and have resonable rules for traveling through their territory. They direct you to the capitol city of Lone Star, Lone Star Complex. The complex is a triving, safe city in the wasteland. Vast facilitys and scientific experiments are protected by heavy CS patrols. The city around the domed portion are realatively normal, with mulitiudes of shops, homes, and various other buildings. Also, mutated people are more common here, and Reese fits right in. The group splits up:

*Calamity and Reese sell some Firedrake eggs, and go to a resturant.

  • Sanders (cough)Ray(cough) gets some call girls, buys expensive dinner, viagra, and screws all night.

He has a hilarous conversation with a SMAS guard and leaves a message with the director of robotics. Discouraged, he sets to a hotel room. At only 25 nuyen, the rates are very resonable. But he’s cheap and insists on have ine preacher pay for himself!! so his flicks him on, and the preacher goes to work saving the lost souls. After preaching in the street for 3 hours, well into the night, he’s gathered a small crowd! The spectacle of a crippled robot, with rifles for hands, and bannana shaped head who spouts bible versus is a bit to much to ignore!

One not so casual observer is a CS roboticist who knows a lot about Scud, and is interested in helping Dr. O.

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! Fun Session.

Australians are dicks

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