Forged from the alliance if five strong industrial kingdoms, Chi-town is ARES center of operations. It is the biggest, meanest and strongest place in North America.

Its leaders share delusions of shared power, but everyone knows the recently self peoclaimed emperor Karl Proesk holds all the cards. The city is a den of inequality, but without question, the most high-tech and strongest army almost anywhere.

The Coaliton state of Chi-Town coveres northern illinois and all of Iowa. The Iowa section is 70% farmland and 30% livestock, pigs, and cattle. Tiny farming communities can be found every 50 miles or so, only the occasional military base breaks the landscape. SAMAS and Sky Cycles patrol the skys.

Chi-town itself is antimagic and metahuman. the last 30 years of totalitarian rule have pushed out all resistance to this idea. This setiment is almost understandable, as the population had to fight off assaults from mystical and awakened forces to keep the land. Chi-town itself is stricly human, pop. est. 2 million. Its center is the largest Arcology ever built.

It is a mountain of concrete and steel rising roughly 60 stories above the surrounding Burbs. The population at worst is well off, and the most wealthy live like kings. Technology keeps life easy, and there is even a university at the top!

The city also extends for 20 stories underground. Here are the manufacturing plants, industrial canters and power plants that keep the Coalition alive. The house of government is also found in the lower levels.

The “The Burbs” or slums around chi-town have a blended mix of poor people with a pop. est. of 5 million.


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