Cleaner Suits

Obviously, nothing else can be worn along with this marvel of modern science. They are completely sealed, with an air supply that either replenishes itself, or lasts longer than anyone has ever seen them outside for. They are all pure white, and are only marked with a simple chapter number and symbol on the left breast. Male and female models look utterly identical, owing to the bulk of the suit.

All suits have two wireless signals travelling from them: an Active On Demand homing signal, and a RFID chip containing name, rank, and medical information. So far, nobody has cracked the Cleaner’s codes and lived for very long.

Statistics Armor: 8/8, Hardened
Weight: 40kgs
Availability/cost: Not For Sale


Chemical Seal: The Cleaners are unaffected by drugs or chemicals of any vector. In addition, reduce the power of any acids by 8, and any heat or fire attacks by 6.

Radio Network: Flux rating on an individual suit is 3. Encryption is rating 12.

Analyzer system: The Left arm contains a 100MP computer and chem analyzer 8. Both of these can be salvaged off a dead Cleaner with an Armor(b/r) 4 test, or electronics(b/r) 8.

Helmet/vision: the visor of the helmet provides thermographic and ultrasound vision. because of the acute nature of these modifications, reduce all perception TNs by 1.

Every Cleaner suit is tailored to its user. Retailoring a suit requires an armor facility, and an armor(b/r) test of 16. An suit can not be worn by one whom it is not tailored for.

In addition, one out of every five man squad is equipped with a retrans unit that boosts flux ratings of any device piggybacking from it by 4. These are used to contact “home base”, confirm additional orders, or call for backup.

Cleaner Suits

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