Coalition Weapons


C-18: standard firearm. con 4 ammo 12c bf, 12s, 2.75kg, 1400, smart II

C-10: common smg. con 5, ammo 32c, sa/bf/fa 6m, 3kg, 850, smart II

C-12: standard rifle. con 2, ammo 42c sa/bf/fa 8m, 5.25kg, 2000 smart II often w/ gernade launcher

C-14: heavy combat gun. ammo 80c or belt sa/bf/fa 6s, 8kg, 4500.

C-27: demolition surprise! con- ammo 22c or belt, ss, 18d 18kg 7200

CR-1 LAW. con 1, ammo 1, ss, 12d 750

These are the “standard” issue weapons. most dead boys will be carrying one of these items. a three man squad always has one CR-1 for “emergencys.” but, being a well equipped military, this is by no means a limit on their equipment!

Also, Special Ops never carries “standard” issue… ;)



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Coalition Weapons

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