Common Wasteland Vehicles

Wasteland Vehicles

Turbine Roadster

The Turbine Roadsters are favored by wastelanders living in the southwest, or anywhere else with long, flat stretches. They are cobbled together by fixing up jet or airplane engines and, to put it crudely, strapping wheels and seats onto them. Open topped and loud, these mean machines are usually a point of pride for their owners, who have more often than not built it themselves.

Handling: 4/4
Speed: 300
Accel: 26
Body: 3
Armor: 2
Sig: 2
Auto: -
Sensor: -
CF: 2.9
Load: 460

Seating: 1
Entry: 1d
Fuel: J(60l)
Econ: 7.8
Chassis: Sports Car
Avail: 3/3 Days
Cost: 50,700
Other Features: Roll Bars, Fixed External Hardpoint(0.5 CF Ammo Bin), Electronics Port W/ Radio

Quality Factors: Fragility 2, Complex Chassis

Dune Hauler

Representing a large variety of vehicles, Dune Haulers are any large truck that has been modified for running cross country. They are more frequently seen in deserts, where a family of nomads can live out of it in relative ease. Even so, several companies, organizations, and scavengers have taken to using them as a means to slim down on return trips to cities or encampments.

Handling: 4/5
Speed: 100
Accel: 7
Body: 4
Armor: 1
Sig: 2
Auto: -
Sensor: 2
CF: 40
Load: 1485

Seating: 2
Entry: 2d + 1t
Fuel: G(80l)
Econ: 8.1
Chassis: SUV
Avail: 2/2 Days
Cost: 46,400
Other Features: Roll Bars, Ring Mount, Anti-Theft 4, Spotlight, Winch(500kg)

Quality Factors: None

Ruin Crawler

Ruin Crawlers are rare, and becoming increasingly moreso. Some say that The Cleaners were the first to use them, but the evidence of independant scavengers and scholars using them has proved this dubious at best. The average Ruin Crawler appears to be a Volkswagon Bus mounted on six spiderlike legs that lift it six meters or more off the ground when active. They seem to be made specially for crawling into ruined cities to scavenge goods, study still-radiated zones, or travel across mountains now too perilous to traverse otherwise. Heavily armored versions, complete with autoturrets, are not unheard of. The majority of these vehicles are driven by those with VCR implants.

Handling: 4/4
Speed: 40
Accel: -
Body: 4
Armor: 1
Sig: 4
Auto: -
Sensor: -
CF: 24
Load: 310

Seating: 1b
Entry: 2d
Fuel: EC(125PF)
Econ: 0.75
Chassis: Walker, Extra Large(Modified)
Avail: 8/8 Days
Cost: 154,400
Other Features: Lead Lining, Suncell Power, Crash Cage, Electronics port w/ Radio(rtg 4) & computer(100MP, 40cm monitor), Anti-Theft 6, Winch(500kg)

Quality Factors: None

Common Wasteland Vehicles

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