Mamma’s Boys

Crazies are another extreme augmentation of man. Using a custom headware and a secret process called M.O.M (Mind Over Matter), the brain is rewrired into performing at levels nature couldn’t produce. Like juicers, this augmentation comes at a terrible price: eventual and complete insanity.

The insanity varies greatly from person to person, but eventually the crazie becomes unable to work in groups and pursues its own inane goals. A Crazie will pick up a new insanity every six months or so for the next 3 1/2 years.

  • Crazies only need to sleep 2 hours a night, and can go 72 hours without sleep, then pass out for 12 or so hours.
  • +2 STR, QUIK
  • +1 BOD
  • +2 INT, WILL
  • -2 CHA
  • +3d6 INT +4 REACT
  • High Pain Tolerance 9
  • Essence cost 2
    • This Augmentaion is compatable with other forms of bioware and magical aug!

The Rifts book has large, long rules on the insanities. Generally, the more karma a crazie has, the more insanities they rock with.


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