Deadboy Body Armor


Light mil spec w/ helmet trans flux 8, signal locator 6, opt mag 3, smart II, low light, thermo, HUD w/ 100 mp

Officer: as above but, medium mil spec, trans flux 10, signal locator 8, HUD 200 mp, vidcam and trasmitter 8, ultrasound

Special OPS: as all above but, Hazmat enviroseal.

any armor can also be outfitted with battletac, chemseals, fire/cold/elec resist, thermal dampening etc… but only on a case by case basis.


Standard Coalition armor. These boys usualy ride 3 deep with a vehicle. They’ll come with an assortment of weapons and supplies, but usually include one rifleman/ sniper.

an officer may ride in a standard 3 man squad, but ususally has a larger force and more powerful vechicle.

The special Ops boys almost never work with anyone else. if two come-a-knockin, run. They are equiped with efficent and fast one man vechiles and almost any weapon imaginable.

ARES Coalition

Deadboy Body Armor

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