hand 2/2 speed 50 accel- auto- sensor 2 bod 3 armor 18 cargo 1cf load 1000 seating 1 entry 1d fuel, fusion 25 years chassis large walker si 3 avail 14/30 days cost 763,000 street index 3+

smart materials, living amenities basic, turbo charging 3, apps, enviroseal gas, water, engine, life support 15 hours, rigger adaption, improved suspension, hardpoint 3cf cargo bin, gunnery recoil adjusters 3, smargun intergration kit II, radio, battletac link flux 9, antitheft 6 proximity alert, 2 mechanical arms str 9, jump jets.

RG-14 rapid acceleration electromagnetic railgun conceal LOL, ammo 80, mod ss, damage 20D.


Considered the best vechicle ever designed, the glitterboy was a joint product between the UCAS and CAS to compete with the corperations huge military power. a very rare find nowadayss its owners would rather die than lose one.

even without its famous “boom gun” the glitterboy could sell easily for 600,000.

the fusion cell will last approximetly 25 years with normal use. the cell was a mirical of modern technology and is not replaceable today.

the ammunition for the boom gun is 200 for 10 shots and has an avil of 12/20 days. the 80 shot drum is the most common way of purchasing ammo at a 1440 base cost[[.

The Brotherhood of Steel paladins are the only users of this armor.


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