Hunt for Dr Lloyd

(What was great about this adventure is the players chose to chase down a major plot themselves out of a random list of merc. jobs)

We begin in Lone Star, where the players are looking for odd jobs to pass the time. Calamity decides to do some mercenary work, and heads to the militarys recuiting area. The quartermaster provides them with a list of 6 missions:

1. Rats have infested the sewers- crap job, be glad you didn’t take it. 2. Find and destroy Radio Phree. 3. The anarchist Dr. Lloyd is reported in the memphis area. 4. A “Vailent” Glitterboy is wanted for crimes against the CS. 5. Track and return 3 rouge CS officers. 6. “DeeBee” activity has increased around Armarillo, find out why.

We chose the anarchist, Dr. Lloyd to track, kill or caprure. And set out to Memphis, in The Federation of Magic. With a list of offences, and a picture of Lloyd, his army of drug crazed, gun toting lunatics, we drive on.

In Memphis, Sorin knows a powerful drug lord, known as The King. After meeting this quirky individual, he reveals he has no dealings with Lloyd. Although the lead is unfruitful, he does sell us a pair of morters filled with Green Ring 8. Careful! Be sure to handle safely and keep them in that styrofoam cooler!

-On a side adventure the ever trouble seeking Saunders trys to find a random job. He finds a lemonade stand owned by a nasty looking troll. The troll wants sanders to take a redwood box, walk up the street, turn right, and tell the watcher “Mel” sent him. simple. Saunders sets off, and finds a watcher floating in front of a tree. The watcher, who looks like Tim Taylor, and wearing “Binford” overalls, disappears into the tree, and reapears as a glittering, black hole swirls to life at Saunders feet. “Put the box in the hole”

Saunders, confused and frightened looks into the box. A humam eye, tounge, and finger lay lovingly in a velvet lining. He promptly returns to Mel and treatens to kill him. Only thorugh the intervention of a Great Spirit who hangs out with Mel does Saunders live. Calamity wanders by, Mel asks her, she puts the box in the hole, and recives a tasty glass of lemonade.-

Discouraged, we set out to Nashville on the skirts of The Federation to search for clues. Road Weary, Saunders stays in the penthouse suite of a bombed out skyscraper.

...He sits and drinks himself into a stooper…pity, his past is catching up with him…

Dr. O notices a black cargo helicoper land on the roof. A few moments later, Saunders gets a knock on his door…room service?

The door bursts in, and two men threaten the seated Saunders. Shotgun blasts injure him while the second man on a quad (!) traps him in his chair and begins pushing him out the broken window: Saunders kills the gunman but is pushed out the window by the rider! All are freefalling dozens of stories and the only dialoge is a healthy “DIE, MOTHA FUCKA!” from the rider!

Sorin races up the side of the building and jumps for Saunders, who barley catched him. the Rider grabs Sorin, who wont be able to hold all the weight if she catches the other building! Calamity, calm and cool snipes the rider, who falls seperatly and Saunders is saved.

The hunt for Dr. Lloyd doesn’t seem very easy.

Hunt for Dr Lloyd

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