I Want To Go

(This was a crutial session we had to play altough there where only two pc’s…sorry!)

Banished from Nashville, we set off to Chesapeake, where Mara 12 say’s she’ll meet us. An uneventful drive later, we arrive at the suburbs of the city. Slowly, Dr O. and Calamity roll their vechiles in. The rotting houses and littered streets offer no signs of habitation, let alone Dr. Lloyd or Mara 12. Dr. O discoveres two coded signals:

  • A german military signal. A scout force seems to be looking for certain “target” and are rattling off coordinates of checked areas.
  • A text based, less secure channel. This one seems to be between Mara 12 and Lloyd. Mara relates her frustation of not being able to reach lloyd, and makes him aware of the groups presence. She can’t go into any details over the chat channel, and is afraid to meet te group for fear of giving them all away.

After a brief looksies from the vehicles, Calamity sees a woman spying on them from an adjacent house, but doesn’t approach. Frustrated, they move out from the ‘burbs. For unknown, wild reasons, they decide to go to the edge of town, park, and search the ‘burbs on foot. After a good bit of walking, they reach the location where Calamity spotted the woman, and walk through a side door of the house.

At first, the woman seems diseased, but Dr. O quickly realizes shes not alive(!) as she begins to attack them! Surrounded by Shedim zombies from the outside, they quickly shoot down the group. The zombies are weak with age, and rely mostly on their nasty spirit abilities to fight the trespassers. Thinking they may have been trapped by Mara, they try to sneak and flee from the town. Dr O finds cover as another group, largern attacks Calamity. Altough not outgunned, but out numbered, Calamity quickly dispached a few and retreats to a nearby roof top, where few zombies can follow. Dr. O’s cover is so complete, that even while shooting zombies, they can’t pinpoint his location. He’s still affected by they’re Deadly aura, and he shivers as the greenery rots around him in their precence.

After this group is dealt with, Calamity surveys the scene from the rooftop. She reels in horror as she sees a “hoard” running in from all sides to great their new “neighbors.” Dr. O clamers up to the roof top, and feeling desperate, contacts the german forces. He over hears this from the otherside:

  • “Comander! We’re being contacted by the unknowns. snicker They say they are trapped in the suburbs and request help! HAHAHA, What? Okay, I’ll try.” (To Dr. O.) “Give us your exact coordinates please”

Frustrated at a lack of options, they reluctantly agree, and Calamity gives them the aprox. Latitude and longitude they are. The German radio operater assures them that “Mercyful help is on the way!”

But, the hoard grown closer and soon they relize they need an option…now! Calamity busts into the house they are on top of and quickly rummages, finding nothing. As she enters the garage, empty, she relizes they just need a vechile to escape! Like olympic sprinters, they dash across roadway to the next house, but also have to deal with a few zombies. Dr. O takes a bad beating hear, the noxious breath and physical melee are a bit to much for him. Also, he is low on bullets, and calamity alone cannot get them out of Chesepeake…

Luckily, the next house has a vechile.

  • I roll RANDOMLY from Rigger 3. 2d6 tables in…. 1d6 vechiles on the list. So 8 tables in, 5 vechiles down….Out of all the tanks, security vechiles, atvs, hell…even hovercrafts… we roll a Dumpy Ford Americar!

Its better then running and Dr. O gets it jumped and moving. At first, the rough “terrain” of the street is to much for him as he spends several moments spinning tire on dead bodies! The zombies can provide no offence to the car, but continue to use their Deadly aura, frightening the passengers inside! Calamity takes the wheel, and finally drives them out of there…The zombies offer no pursuit…

At the edge of town, both feel tricked. Calamity feels hostile, and seeks to simply drive away from the whole gig. Dr. O is still courious, and texts Mara 12. She assures them of her intentions and offers to meet them some ways down the highway. They agree, but Calamity has the urge to blow her transistors out anyway!

The meeting place is tense, and they explode at her with questions, and she doesn’t offer a lot of answers. She reveals several key things though:

  • She took back and rebuilt the Preacher. She says “we” have been looking for him for quite sometime, but couldn’t locate the head. She insists the Scud is no ones property. He is currently guarding Dr. Lloyd, whom is otherwise helpless.
  • The human Austrailans you encountered, she defines as not “real” australians. She reveals 87% of australias population is artifical. But goes into no further detail.
  • “Mara 12” refers to her unique unit name, and her series number. There are hundreds of other series 12 robots currently. She expresses her desire to live.
  • Lastly, altough she doesn’t work for anyone Australia she still doesn’t offer up her real employeer. Shes’s been asked to act as Dr. Lloyds student and protect him. She has many other goals and modivations, but can’t go into further detail.

To convince Dr. O in seeing Dr. Lloyd, she promises him access to Australian technology, such as robotics facilities.

Leaping into the Ares Dragon that has so faithfully magically followed, we delve into downtown chesapeake. Dr. L is in an abandoned sky scraper downtown, which is where the germans are painstakingly looking for him. His “office” is unnaturaly warm, cozy, and rustic. Inside, The Apocalypse Preacher stands by Dr L’s side, now fully rebuilt. As Calamity rushes to grab Dr. L’s things, the old, nearly deaf and blind man seem preoccupied with Dr. O. He pulls out a scroll, which surprises Dr. O and he sadly agrees. Apon agreement, Scud places a golden pyramid apon the ground, which bursts forth a rift to a scerene looking enviornment. After a heartwarming goodbye, the Scud grabs his traveling hat and bible and both step through the rift. Dr. O has just stepped into history and a greater destiny.

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I Want To Go

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