Live Fast. Die Young.

Juicers are the peak of human achievement. Designer drugs and custom cyberware combine to create a man who is faster, stronger, and deadlier than many cybered opponents. While there are many bonuses, the constant high takes a deadly toll on its user, and none live past six years after the conversion.

Why go to such extremes when other cyber and magic options exist? Cost. Plain and simple. The cost of maintaining a juicer for its lifetime is less than cybering an individual of equal stats. Control. After a few months, the body is unable to live without the bodycomp or tailored drugs. It simply cannot function alone anymore. These drugs can’t be home made, they must be supplied regularly and professionally. This keeps the juicer loyal to its creator.

  • High pain tolerance 6
  • Str doubled
  • Body x1.5
  • Quickness doubled
  • + 4d6 iniative, +6 Reaction
  • natural optic mag 2
  • Healing tests target #’s halved
  • Bodycomp takes up 3 essence
  • The augmentation will not function with other cyber/bio/magic aug.
    • and destroys any inherent magic in the user.
  • Note, juicers wear clothes and have guns. The Rifts main books goes into much greater detail.

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