The Free State of Lazlo, an Empire of Magic

Ley lines and nexus points run along the St. Lawrence river. Here, in the old UCAS city of Toronto is Lazlo. All creatures are welcome, all philosophies are discused. It is the worlds most open land of learning, history, art, law, and magical advancement. They are the cutting edge of technowizard items.

The state is goverend by two seperate, balancing ruling parties. They are The Congress of the Electorate headed by the paladin Tormm and The Council of Learning, lead by the great dragon Plato!

The state is defended by mages, men of arms and magical beasts. The head of the militia is a master of statagy Arl Xzzyn. He is a wolf-like metahuman who emerged from a rift. He comes from a parallel dimention similar to our own.


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