Nexus Points

These are the ledgendary nexus points that exist around the world. They are rarely visited, as people who venture here are seldom seen again.

  • Calgary, Canada
  • Mexico City, Mexico *
  • Andes Mountains, Peru
  • The Devils Gate, MI
  • East St. Louis,Il
  • Ohio Valley, Federation of Magic *
  • Stonehenge, Britania
  • Maes Howe, Scotland
  • Newgrange, Ireland
  • Standing Stones of Carnac, France
  • The Giza Pyramid, Egypt

These are at least power level 3 sites, often 4.

Presumably, there are more super nexus points scattered throught the world. However, these areas aren’t well explored. Rumors include:

The Himalaya Mts, China, India, Easter Island, Austraila…

  • = uhoh! secret GM info!

Nexus Points

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