Rebuilding the Future

Dr. lloyd has been escorted to Rufus McDonnel. Rufus didnt know the Dr. but is very glad to have him on board. Dr. Lloyd identifies himself as a rouge scientist from the CS. His expertise: Balistics and space! He was directed to meet Rufas by Mara 12. Finally, that hook is on pause!

After buying some gear from Rufus, we sold him the Ares Dragon for a whopping 295k! A little short on cash, he promises to pay 95 later. We’re off to the Race Way in Ely, NV. A three day trip the journey goes as follows:

  • Day 1, minor harrasment by CS partol.
  • Day 2…...After stopping for gas at a burned out Ute military base, we’re attacked by a hella big wild minotaur. Although he had an ambush set up, he dies uneventfully with one shot to the brainpan. Good luck in your next life “Nerdal!”

After quite a few failed attempts at trying to break into the base w/ guns and electronics, we take to the roof. A secured vent has long ago been removed, and only Sanders is small enough to wiggle inside. at the bottom, he steps on the corpse of the original infiltrator, who still has opened viles of nerve gas in his dead hands. Inside the base is locked down completely, and a miracle electronic roll on sanders part finally grants him acess to the inside of the base. his options are limited though inside, with only one open door that leads to a comupter core. inside, w/ the administrators passcard, roll are much easier, and he unlocks the base.

We discover the base was a Delta clinic, which when operational would have been impossible to infiltrate. In the operating room, the doctors and patient lie dead alike, along with the mages in a adjorning room. He’s worth around 20 million in deltaware parts, but good luck finding a fence for that! The deltaware is scavengable, and we steal the whole corpse.

(Note: from this point on i wrote the story a couple of weeks later. many details escape my mind and anyone can feel free to add the in as they see fit)

  • Day 3, deciding the corpse is worth too much to just haul around, we take a detour to vault city. (on the edge of lake michigan near chicago) they have an uneasy truce with the coalition, surround the vault is the coalitions home state! The trip is inturupted by a group of Xitterict (spelled wayyyy wrong) that result in damage to the dune hauler and murder of the invading species. At vault city, we try to unload the body for it full worth, and hit diffucilties doing so. Theres almost no way to get full value out of the body, the city simply cant afford it. After some major negotiating the official asks you to come back in the morning and you set to spend the night in the seedy, ugly slum surrounding the vault.

AS PREDICTED, sanders goes in search of a booty call! Finding the “nicest” hooker establishment, he sets off buying 3 expensive girls from the automatic ordering machine and sets ff for a night of wild passion. Little does he know, the two nuka coked-trolls who run the brothel, Terry and Biff, take personal interest in Mr. Money Bags and burst into his room while hes naked and screwing.

iniative is rolled and sanders is up, reaching under the bed he grabs his gun and shoots almost dead: Biff. Terry, cold cocks the hell out of sanders and dumps his body in the nearest dumpster while stealing all his possestions. Sanders awakens an hour later, bruised, confused, wet, naked and covered in trash…but alive. Lession learned? HELL NO. He storms to the dune hauler, where the rest of the group is sleeping, grabs his SPARE IDENTICAL CUSTOM GUN and begins raising hell at the brothel. He “interrogates” the women, burst holes through walls and (if i remember correctly) sprays gasoline everywhere. Biff and Terry are not there….

...They’re at the street doc’s location, where Calamity knows to find them. (logical, huh?) Biff is barely alive, but stable. Terry is outside drunk and smoking. With reasoning, She learns Terry traded all of sanders stuff for the medical attention his brother needs, and considers the score settled… We’ll see if Sanders sees it the same way next session.

Rebuilding the Future

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