The flying shock trooper of the ARES Coalition. Not built for long patrols, these suits are ment to hit hard and fade away. There are few vehicles that equal the versatility of this weapon. They only provide regular street patrols in Chitown, otherwise they are mission specific stormtroopers.

hand 3/3 speed 50 accel- auto- sensor 2 bod 3 armor 12 cargo 1cf load 1000 seating 1 entry 1d fuel, fusion 10 years chassis large walker si 5 avail 14/30 days cost 850,000 street index 3+

smart materials,turbo charging 3, apps, enviroseal gas, water, engine, life support 8 hours, rigger adaption, improved suspension, gunnery recoil adjusters 2, smargun intergration kit II, radio, battletac link flux 6, antitheft 6 proximity alert, 2 mechanical arms str 9, Flight System.

A SAMAS pilot can use any normal hand weapons but is often paired with a HMG or similar heavy weapon system.

The SAMAS has a built in wing/flying system. The maximum speed is 480km/hr. The armor needs to cool after flying for two hours at any speed. this takes roughly 30 minutes. While Flying, SI 8, hand 4.


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