Sky Pirates

Some people go to extrems to avoid confrontation. Filling a giant zepplin with hydrogen, building a base around it and raiding the surrounding countryside with lightweight planes is one of these extemes!

The Sky Pirates (no offical name)fly in an ultra effecent blimp that uses surprisingly sparce resources to keep flying. A combination of solar, diesel, and wind power keep the behemouth ship afloat. The maximum height of the ship is about 10 kilometers. The ship can land, but is ultra vunerable and is only brought down in rare circumstances.

Although only barley armored, the ship has remained afloat for nearly 20 years! The Captian Oburon is a hobgoblin of exceptional intelligence. He keeps the ship away from any real threats, for example, the Coalition. Were he to anger the superpower, theres no doubt they could bring it down without hesitation. As a result, it mainly raids poor areas for the scraps they can find.

The ship itself Ilmarinen, is a riggers dream. its decked out with plenty of high tech gear and a strong drone network. There are 3 riggers onboard, and its second in command is the undisputed king of his profession. Apart from the drones, there are 4 other ships parked on its deck. The total crew of 20 is well equiped and coordinated, with a perfect command center in the sky.

Rough compliment: 20 men with 3 riggers and 2 mages. 2 lsd41 survalence drones. 2 steel lynx drones 2 A. Liebre Rpvs 2 lone star strato 9’s flat fokker cloud 9 moonlight aerospace avenger (2) northup yellojackets f

Sky Pirates

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