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After falling out of the tower, Sanders suffers almost no effect. (no surprise) and simply goes back to bed. Dr. O and the gang all disect the chopper for clues as to the intent of the attacker. The Ares dragon is in fair shape, with 4 boxes of both stress and damage. equipment in the chopper:

the chopper itself is a worn down ares dragon. inside, beer cans litter the cockpit. “kurt cobain” style notebooks are strewn everywhere. a few dicarded weapons and spare parts are also in the cargo area. detailed maps of sunken orleans, florida, and a desert area of california are in the cargo area as well.

the notebooks lead to no clues, but are kept for futher study. The group splits for information relating to Lloyd.

Two notable encounters, Reese checks the slum area for leads, and Sanders checks a local cafe. Reese, asks a two headed troll, who leads him into a converted buncker in a tool shed. Inside, Mara Twelve is operating a ham radio and operating a laptop. After introductions, Reese convinces her to meet the group.

Sanders listens to a conversation at the cafe. Three collegets are discussing “meetings” and hopes for the future. Interested, Sanders invites them over and they invite him to the meeting being held that night. They give him a Magic The Gathering Card to obtain entrance.

Mara Twelve explains shes a student of Dr. Lloyd, studies the groups intent, and decides a meeting is in order. She gives coordinates to rubble outside of Chesapeake Virgina. She’s calm and cool despite ragging about her name, and dismisses herself. After assesment, Morgan descovers she’s an android!

That night, Sanders meets the cult at the Nashville Library. The doorman takes the card and walks him downstairs…

The “meeting” room is a square utility basement. Standing in a circle, 11 other group members all are chanting, and in a few moments a rift opens up before them!!! The Great Eye of Regoooth, a six foot tall, glowing, red, angry eye peers through the gate. The cultist all stare in reverence, and urge Sanders to join the group. “LOOK AT THE EYE!” Screams the head cultist! “LOOK AND WORSHIP!”

He hands sanders a unworldy knife, and tries to shove it in his hand. “TAKE THIS! KILL A CLOSE FRIEND AND BRING THEM HERE!” he cries. Saunders, in a moment of rare clarity, wants to “get back to them.” and leaves hastily.

Apon hearing his tale, the rest of the group all ponders what actions to take, while Sorin decides himself and slips out the door. He makes his way to the library and knocks on the door, the cultist sees no Magic card and attempts to close the door. Sorin kicks it in and begins combat with the cultist! After a melee and a few spells, the cultist is knocked out and she’s crawling through the ducts to the basement. Downstairs, she sees a glowing red light and rolls truds on her stealth check. Well alerted, the cultist split into several groups, and prepare an attack.

Now in iniative, she bursts through the grate, fireing an arrow that burns a group of cultists. The Eye, unimpressed by its stupid followers and Sorin, decides playtime is over. He unleashes a force 12!!! fireball at Sorin, and imolates the cultists in the basement! The building shakes and the explosion is heard for miles! On fire and next to death, any survivor (including Sorin) make escape! Two cultists run up the main stair, and are picked off by Sanders. Another two are trapped in the burning basement, ala a trap set by Calamity. Two others make escape through a rear fire door.

More explosions are heard, and the building collapses into a burning, stinking, heap of rubble. The group, now all outside, get the hell out of dodge….Except Sanders….he goes back to the hotel…

ANOTHER knock at the door, and Sanders answers. Outside, a water elemental stands. He asks sir/madam his involvemnt in the earlier incidents. Sanders tries to lie, but eventually gives in and volentarily is escorted to the council building. Calamity follows, and Dr. O warns of his arrest.

Inside, the two surviving cultists are in chains, and a council of 10 members is staring holes into Sanders and Calamity as they enter. After explaining they’re side, The Eye, and not being directly involved with the explosions, the council wants to discuss the situation with Sorin. He arrives with Dr. O, and fully drugged out of his skull explains with childlike detail the situation. Almost sympathetic, the head council orders a mind probe, which shows the truth. To exhausted to resist, Sorin shows his “innocence.” So, permanatly banned from Nashville, we truge on.

  • Dr. Lloyd is about three days drive east to Chesapeake.
  • We have a solid lead on Sanders past, and his attackers, in California.
  • We still need to hit that vechile facility in Nevada, to fix the Ares Dragon, and Calamitys hauler.
  • Eventually, McDonnell is going to want to see the group back in Sunken Orleans to futher his dreams….

So much to do, so little time!

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Sorry guys Im just a pupil here

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