The Burbs

A crime ridden area that extends for miles around the heart of Chitown. Its has a mixed metahuman/human population all sharing the glories of poverty. Death, disease and famine ravage the population. Sadly, most of the inhabitents are pilgrams hoping to become citizens of the city. The application procces takes an average of 6 years and most are rejected.

Worse, the Burbs are used as a buffer between Chi-town and the wild area. Dark forces are always assaulting The Burbs, with the Coalition turning a blind eye to the suffering. Although 15% of the population dies in such attacks yearly, the population is slowly increasing as more hopefuls arrive!

Crime is rampent. Body-Chop-Shops and gambling houses are common. Roving street gangs, bandits, slavers, crazed mages, and supernatural predators search the Burbs for easy prey.

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The Burbs

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