The Cleaners

Shortly after the Vaults along the northern edge of America opened, the denizens began to argue. All believed that genetic purity was necessary to maintain, but some believed that wasn’t enough. Owing to the 7.5% margin of error in the sensors they used to determine when it was safe to open, a splinter group began to form. They believed that the conditions of the world outside would never be safe, and that genetic, mental, and physical well being were all threatened by opening the vaults.

Open they did, nonetheless. This group, originally called the Clean Air Society, reacted violently to the executive decision for which they were not consulted. A short and bloody civil war broke out in one of the vaults. The survivors of the losing side were pressed into service with the Clean Air Society.

Now, years later, their operation has spread beyond Northeastern America, thanks to blueprints and technology taken from both the vaults and those they have killed. They believe that anyone existing outside of their sealed environment, even for a moment, is tainted, and therefore untrustworthy, contagious, and fit to be eliminated. They have been known to abandon their own if a suit leak or puncture is found. These poor souls usually kill themselves out of remorse for being “infected”. The Cleaners, like the Vault Denizens, have a particular hatred for Orks, Trolls, Ghouls or Changelings.

Dubbed The Cleaners as a slang term, they exist by raiding for supplies they can not make themselves, wearing pure white envirosealed armor that has proven to deflect small arms fire. On a good day, they use their two meter long shock batons to stun traders and townsmen, and steal what they need from them. On a bad day, unlucky souls are shocked and drugged, then taken away to the inside of their armored domes or clean-room trucks, never to be seen again. Diplomacy has proved almost impossible with them, for one ironic fact. If not using their own encrypted radio transmissions, their suits muffle their voices beyond recognition. It is a rare Cleaner indeed that will participate in a game of Pictonary, as well.

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The Cleaners

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