The Hammer Boys

With racial tension being the way it is, a lot of metahumans had to stick together just to survive. The Hammer Boys are a coalition of dwarves, and dwarf metaraces, that have decided the best way to secure your living is to be irreplacable. These merchants, mercenaries, and construction workers have small towns and settlements all over. Mostly, they live along trade roads or often-traveled paths, while other groups are nomadic, living out of trucks, RVs, and trailers.

They are mostly dwarven and gnomish, but every so often one may find one of the other subraces such as Menehune or korobukuru. At least two per settlement have VCRs, and run jury-rigged and slapped-together drones to protect their town.

Despite their name, they have an equal split of gender. Just don’t joke to the womenfolk about their name, or you’ll find out where exactly they got it from.

A few known Hammer Boy Compounds:

Sunken Orleans Steel City Pecos Empire: Fort Stockton Pine Bluff, Arkansas

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The Hammer Boys

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