The Raceway

We negotiated a deal with vault city for the deltaware corpse. Calamity got a black mariah, while Soren got his wired reflexes replaced with betaware, feeing up much space. (the other players can retro their own rewards later, this was a two person session.)

  • Finally, its off to Ely, Nevada and The Raceway. after an uneventful drive cross country, we hit the rocky mts. A small, medeival style settlement is the last civilitation before the mts. The locals explain that this is denver, and a great wyrm ghostwalker, is their lord. They will be okay as long as they pass through in peace.

Once through the rockies, we’re shown a grand view of the desert. Off in the distance, two cars are engaging in high speed combat. One explodes in a terrible fasion, and the victor speeds off. Apon investigation, the driver is knocking on deaths door, but the killer car isn’t far behind.

Soren barely ducks a head shot from a sniper rifle. The gunman is a crazed killer whos popped out of the moonroof of a sabb dynamite traveling 200m per turn! Soren pops an arrow at the gunman, who takes a hit, but fires at calamity for no avail. Calamity fires back, killing the gunman and hitting the driver. The Sabb presses hard for ramming speed….

Soren fires an arrow into the drivers mouth, sending the dead vechile into a rollover. The Sabb disintergrates in the crash, along with the passengers and their gear….Welcome to Nevada!

When we close in on Ely, a mustang with an LMG oulls up and orders explanations from the group. After insulting their cars, he drives them to Ely. First stop, the bar. A rough group of bikers take imediate notice, and look for a fight. Soren, surprisingly doesns’t feed their fury and gets a drink. The bartender continues harrasment and spits in Sorens beer. Calamity watches cooly. Only when an ork armed with a stun baton enters the bar do the bikers move to attack, each pulling vibro knives. Soren climbs the wall and plucks an arrow square into the imprssive orks chest, narrowly missing his heart. The bikers all shreek in unison….”Lord Tugdick!!!!” and rush to his side.

In caculated fasion, Calamity patches up Tugdick and escorts him into The Facility, the main building here in Ely. There a doctor stabalizes Tugdick, and asks they return when hes a little stroonger for questions. But, the group seizes the opurtunity to get some custom work done on their wheels. Toot, the head mechanic, can perform the work on the Black Mariah. But doesn’t have a turbocharger for that big of a diesal engine. He expalins the only person who might is Lord Sterile, Tugdicks closest enemy gang. He drives a “Tank” and its mighty fast…

Under the cover of night, we aproach Sterile’s base. Its a large motorcade built by the US well before the war. The high 10 foot concrete wall is topped by a 10 foot electric fence. Luckily, Soren bought a gernade launcher and fires some offence over the wall and onto the generator inside. The huge explosion rocks the night, and one building inside is set imediatly on fire. Soren scales the wall and lowers a rope for Calamity, now they’re inside the rattlesnakes den….

Short and fast version: Lord Sterile and 9 goons all emerge with franchi spaz’s loaded with stun rounds. (he’s the capture and torture type) By the skin on their teeth, Calamity and Soren manage to defeat them all and break into Sterile’s prize Devil Rat.

The Raceway

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