The Titan series robot vehicles are available through the black market, but noone seems to know who the manufacture is. rumors has it the bots are German in origin, no one knows for sure.

Regardless of manufacturer, they are of excellent quality and are a more general, all purpose design. Thus, they are popular with adventures and explorers who can afford the luxory. there are three designs of robots in current production.

Titan Combat The combat robot is a fairly tough robot opponent and a resonable match for the Coalition UAR1 Enforcer. It is especially popular on expeditions into bandit, demon, and magic territories. TR-001 96km/h

Titan Explorer/Light Combat A smaller cousin to the TR-001 this is a multi puropse, all terrain vehicle. TR-002 144km/h

Titan Reconnaissance This bot is tiny compared to the rest of its family. It has exceptional speed and sensor capabilties. TR-003 240km/h


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