The mpst important part of this session was the end. We came back to florida through the rift near “star city,” then began driving back to Sunken Orleans. On the way ,someone decided to check on the elves that have a small tribe in mid florida. This is when things get interesting. Apon approach, we notice an elf strung upside down and skinned alive, hanging from a tree!

When we enter the village, we see all the villagers, dead. many skinned, but most just stabbed and beaten. No one is spared. We inspect the huts, looking for clues to a killer…and find one….eating ration bars…like nothings hapened….

The man identifies himself as “Tenesta,” and says he just passing through and grabbing a bite. Morgan asseses him,and sees hes much more magicalthen himself. Also, he carries a magical skinning knife, damning evidence. BUT, even before these facts are known group wide, Sanders decides its time to kill a man and pulls his weapon. Reese, always resonable, elbows Sanders in the back of the head for a D stun. Ouch.

“Tenesta” takes off at an incredable running speed, dodging through the woods. A fire fight ensues. Calamity shoots him several times, while Morgan casts confusion. Reese pursues him on food in the swamp. Dazzed, hurt, and confused, “Tenesta” finnaly gets caught by Reese.


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