you bring a poncho

not to get down in cumbersome rules, heres a simplified system to keep the feel of survival in the game. adverse conditions force body tests that cause mental or physical damage. these tests go by day and are the average for a given area. any specific site can have any terribly deadly environment in any area.

Rules subject to change/complete overhaul.

Target # Effect Example Situation
0 - Garden Of Eden
1 - Good, fertal farm land
2 L Stun normal foresting
3 L stun terrible weather
4 M stun dessert, tundra
5 S Stun average awakened area
6 D Stun radiated or hostile area
7 L physical hurricane, tornado
8 M Physical highly radiated/ war area
9 S Physcical The Deep One
10 D Physical A Mana Storm

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you bring a poncho

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